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[SINGLE] love the world – Perfume

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lovetheworld-Track Listing-

1. love the world

2. edge

3. love the world (Instrumental)

4. edge (extended mix)

love the world is Perfume’s 8th major single and was released on July 9, 2008. This single came #1 at the Oricon charts selling 80,742 copies in it’s first week. This single was also the first techno pop song to chart at #1 on the Oricon charts.  I started to listen to Perfume after listening Polyrythmn. After that what would a pop freak like me do if i did not start liking them?

love the world starts with electro beats and is very upbeat comparing it to Polyrythmn. The distorted vocals of the three members merges with the beats making this song one of perfume’s best with it’s catchy tune and beats!

The b-side edge is a more dark track comparing it to it’s a-side but of course with more synthetic beats. This track is the type of track you would hear at clubs and I mean the good ones. Even though being the exact opposite of it’s a-side, I consider this song as Perfume’s best as well.

The extended version of edge isn’t that different, it’s just long. It starts with drum beats and is more extended in the middle which would be better for clubs and dancing.


Rating: A+

Wow, having a #1 hit and making a history in the Oricon charts at the same time, you’ve got to hand it these girls they’re something. I was very happy with love the world and hope they make more great music in the upcoming future.


[SINGLE] ONE – Ami Suzuki

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-Track Listing-

1. ONE

2. A token of love

3. ONE (Instrumental)

4. A token of love (FM 88 Mix)

I never listened to Amy Suzuki before but after her collabaration with producer Yasutaka Nakata of capsule in single FREE FREE/SUPER MUSIC MAKER, I instantly liked her. This is Ami’s14th single with Avex Trax, released on June 2nd, 2008 and produced by Yasutaka Nakata. This single came #17 on the oricon charts selling 5,103 copies in it’s first week.

ONE has a very nice beginning with the music whooshing along Ami’s vocal. The slow synthetic beats and music gives the track a very nice feeling.

A token of love, has a very nice and catchy music. The beats goes very well with the high pitched vocals of Ami.

A token of love (FM 88 Mix) isn’t that different from the original one beside it’s length.


Rating: B+

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