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[SINGLE] Days/GREEN – ayumi hamasaki

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-Track Listing-

GREEN/Days Version

1. GREEN (Original Mix)

2. Days (Original Mix)

3. TO BE (10th Anniversary Version)

4. GREEN (Instrumental)

5. Days (Instrumental)

6. TO BE (10th Anniversary Version Instrumental)


Days/GREEN Version

1. Days (Original Mix)

2. GREEN (Original Mix)

3. Love ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary Version)

4. Days (Instrumental)

5. GREEN (Instrumental)

6. Love ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary Version Instrumental)

This single was released on December 17, 2008 coming #1 at the oricon charts selling 127,650 copies. This is ayumi hamasaki’s 44th single and 2nd single to celebrate her 10th anniversary. Along with A-sides GREEN and Days, there is re-recorded version of TO BE and Love ~Destiny~.

Days is a very slow ballad with music arrangements such as slow drum beating, guitar and chiming bells. Ayu even after 10 years still rules the oricon charts. Ayu’s vocal in the chorus is just beautiful.

GREEN was just outstanding! Beginning with traditional music this track’s combination with modern instruments and Ayu’s high vocals makes this track fabulous and a must listen.

TO BE (10th Anniversary Version) is the next track and honestly speaking I was never really a fan of Ayu’s earlier works but after listening to this one and the original version, this one is definately better. Ayu’s voice sound so much better with the new version.

Same goes for the next track, Love ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary Version). I found Ayumi’s vocal better than what it was  in her earlier time of career.


Rating: A+

With her being the empress of j-pop, Ayumi Hamasaki has not dissapointed her fans with this single. 10 years in the music industry and she’s still strong as ever.