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-Track Listing-


2.Rocket Sneaker

3.Bye Bye

4.Kurage, Nagare Boshi


6.Kimi Fechi

7.Creamy & Spicy




11.One × Time



Ai Otsuka’s 5th studio album released on December 17, 2008. This album charted at no. #3 on the oricon weekly charts selling 104,232 copies. Ai’s back with her 5th album and it’s as cute as ever!!!

The first track LOVE LETTER is a very slow ballad. It begins with no music but with Ai’s vocals. Then we slowly hear the piano with Ai’s vocal. The song uses only the piano as an instrument. Compared to Ai’s previous ballads like Planatarium and Kingyo Hanabi, this song is very different nonetheless still good.

The second track Rocket Sneaker was the 2nd single from LOVE LETTER along with One × Time and one of Ai’s upbeat songs. After listening to the sad LOVE LETTER, this song lightens you up.

After Rocket Sneaker we hear another of Ai’s upbeat song and one of my favoutite from this album, Bye Bye. The chorus of this song is very catchy. This song is more upbeat than Rocket Sneaker with more rock sounds and shows one of Ai’s more pop personality.

Next is one of Ai’s very nice ballad, Kurage, Nagare Boshi. Ai’s vocal blends with the music arrangements perfectly making this one of the best song in the album.

The next track Ningyou is another ballad which starts of with low vocals and then goes to high vocals. I like the arrangements of the vocals in this song as it goes from low to high and then low again.

Kimi Fechi, the next track in this album, according to me has a nice opening. Ai’s vocal in this track is neither high nor low but perfect with the music arrangement.

The next track, Creamy & Spicy definitely goes to my favorite list of Ai’s crazy and upbeat songs. The way she goes “la la la” and “Creamy & Spicy” is too cute!

Do☆Positive was one of the three tracks along with 360° and Ai used to promote this album. The music is very rockish and very country like. This song is completely different from other Ai’s song such as CHU-LIP and I love it!

360°, the next track in this album starts with an amazing piano music. We hear the piano music throughout the song. The piano music is really amazing though Ai’s vocal’s in my opinion wasn’t that good with only saying “Merry Go Round”.

The next track in the album, Shachihata gives us a new Ai. Her voice as never heard before. The song has a very typical jazz music. There’s not much of a lyrics in this song beside, Ai going all “Da ba da ba”. The song overall isn’t that bad. Nice to listen.

One × Time, the next track in this album was releases as a double A-side single with Rocket Sneaker. I found this song to be better than Rocket Sneaker with Ai’s vocal just right with the arrangements.

Next is Ai’s first single of this album, Pocket. This single was released last year. Probably one of my favourite winter ballads since Mika Nakashima’s Yuki No Hana.

The ending track of this album is the ballad, Ai. The music is just perfect with Ai’s vocal. The album ends perfectly with this beautiful ballad.


Rating: A-

Overall Ai hasn’t dissappointed us with her previous albums and neither has she done so with this one. So go and grab your copy of LOVE LETTER now!

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