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[PV] Paper Moon & Unlimited Sky – Tommy Heavenly6

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TommyTommy heavenly’s first best album! Unlimited Sky is wicked but sadly just a digital single from what i heard. >.< PAPER MOON and Unlimited Sky are going to be used to promote her best album Gothic Melting Ice cream’s Darkness Nightmare which is going to released on February 25th along with february6’s best album Strawberry Cream Soda Pop Daydream.

Anyways check out the PV and enjoy!


[SINGLE] PAPER MOON – Tommy Heavenly6

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-Track Listing-


2. Ruby Shoes

3. PAPER MOON (Instrumental)

Tomoko Kawase’s back!!! Yeah and this time it’s her 9th single as the amazing gothic Tommy Heavely6. This single charted #10 on the oricon weekly chart and was used as the 2nd opening for the anime Soul Eater.

PAPER MOON starts out with heavy drum beating and guitar. Tommy’s sinister like vocals as usual is awesome and goes very well with the heavy rock music.  This track gives us one of the best tommy tracks next to her february6 single ♥Lonely in Gorgeous♥.

Ruby Shoes isn’t that bad either. Not as sinister as the previous track, this track has more of rockish pop feeling to it.


Rating: A+

After a year without any releases from Tomoko I’m really happy with PAPER MOON.

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