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[ALBUM] VOICE – Mika Nakashima

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voicecddvd-Track Listing-


2. Sakura ~Hanagasumi~ (DAISHI DANCE)


4. Eien No Uta


6. Anata ga Iru Kara








14. Koe

VOICE is Mika Nakashima’s 5th studio album released on November 26, 2008.This single came #1 at the oricon charts and has sold 320,946 copies.

VOICE opens with LIFE which was the first single from this album. This track is a jazz pop song. This track is very catchy with its beat and music. One of Mika’s best jazz pop tracks in ages.

Instead of the original, they’ve put the Daishi Dance mix of Sakura ~Hanagasumi~ in the album as the next track. I’m glad about that because I found the original one too boring. Even though it was a ballad it was just too slow. The mix has a more upbeat music which sounds better.

The b-side of her single ORION, FOCUS is next which is one of my favorite track and which I’m very much addicted to. The opening of this track is different than the one of the single. While in the single, the music fades in but this one starts with a really good techno beat. The jazz pop music makes this song really addictive.

Eien No Uta her 2nd single from this album is a reggae ballad and to me one of Mika’s best ballads. With reggae music, this song has jazz music as well.00358

We have another ballad, her last single from this album ORION. As much as I loved the b-side, I loved the a-side as well. The music arrangements in this track is very simple and with Mika’s amazing vocals, this ballad becomes a very good one to listen to.

The next track Anata ga Iru Kara was released as a digitle single. Another ballad I liked a lot. This track begins with Mika’s low pitched voice which I found to be very cute.

We have a new track up next! MY GENTLE MAN is yet another ballad which has even more simpler music arrangement than ORION with just a acoustic guitar. This ballad isn’t bad either.

TRUST YOUR VOICE was another new track I loved. This song reminded me of Love No Cry from her LOVE era even though their not similiar. The chorus of this track is very catchy with Mika going “MY VOICE” and “YOUR VOICE”.

Next track is IT’S TOO LATE which was a b-side in her single LIFE. I’m glad it’s in the album beacause this jazz track is catchy as well.

I DON’T KNOW was a collaboration with Morisanchuu under the name MICA 3 CHU. The entire song is in in English. It’s filled with heavy rock music and a aggressive Mika. I liked her songs as NANA but this one was just too aggressive for my taste. It’s not bad though if you’re heavy rocker and it shows Mika is capable of doing anything.

The b-side of I DON’T KNOW, SHUT UP is also entirely in English and as aggressive as it’s a-side. Mika’s English is not bad except in some part it’s hard to decipher what she’s saying.

Next track is conFusiOn which is the b-side of Sakura ~Hanagasumi~. Since I am such a sucker for pop, I liked it. The beats and Mika’s slightly echoed voice.

FLOWER OF TIME is another new track. A jazz ballad which has a very soft music arrangements. I like this ballad very much as it’s a mid-tempo ballad and it’s lyrics.

VOICE ends with Koe, a ballad which has a very classical music from the piano. The melody of this song gives you a real peace of mind. A very good ending track.00293


Rating: A

Overall beside the I DON’T KNOW single, I found all the tracks in VOICE to be utterly amazing. Though I DON’T KNOW proves Mika Nakashima can do almost everything, from jazz to rock. This album also proves that she will be bringing amazing ballads even in the coming future.