[SINGLE] Gunjou no Tani – alan

cd cover

-Track Listing-

1. Gunjou no Tani

2. Gunjou no Tani (Acoustic Version)

3. Gunjou no Tani (Instrumental)

4. Gunjou no Tani (Acoustic Version ~ Instrumental)

This is alan’s 9th Japanese single released on February 4th, 2009. This single charted at the Oriocn charts at #30 selling 4,207 copies till now.

I have nothing to say bad about Gunjou no Tani at all. This ballad starts out alan’s vocals and boom we hear this amazing guitar music. The chorus has alan’s powerful vocals that I am always wowed by. The music arrangements are simply so well put with the beats and chimes. This track just blew me!

The acoustic version of Gunjou no Tani doesn’t have that strong music like the original as it is an acoustic version instead it starts with the traditional folk music we see in lot of alan’s work. Even though this is more slower, it’s still damn good!


Rating: A+

After her debut single Ashita e no Sanka, this is another single from this newbie that I simply loved and cannot help but praise this young artists talent.


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