[ALBUM] Kazeyomi – Maaya Sakamoto

Kazeyomi - Maaya Sakamoto

-Track Listing-

1. Vento

2. Triangler

3. Kazemachi Jet ~ Kazeyomi edition

4. Remedy

5. Ame ga Furu

6. Get No Satisfaction!

7. Ao no Ether

8. Shitsuren Cafe


10. Peanuts

11. Saigo No Kajitsu

12. Colors

13. Kazamidori

14. Guitar Hiki ni Naritai na

Maaya Sakamoto’s 6th studio album Kazeyomi was released on January 14, 2009 and came #3 in the Oricon charts selling 36,061 copies in it’s first week.

Kazeyomi starts with a wonderful interlude called Vento. The slow piano music all through the track along with Maaya’s voice is good album opener.Maaya

Next is Triangler which was used as the opening song for the anime Marcross Frontier. Being the highest selling single from Maaya uptil now, this I still don’t like this track that much. I did not like the beginning of this track as I found Maaya’s high pitched vocals a little too annoying, though the chorus is catchy.

I fell in love with the Kazeyomi’s version of Kazemachi Jet. Kazemachi Jet was used as the second ending for Tsubasa Chronicle and if you’ve watched it, this version begins with the last part of the anime version. It’s like the acoustic version of the original but different at the same time.

Remedy, the next track is a ballad which was used as the second ending for the anime Linebarrels of Iron. This track has a beautiful music and Maaya’s vocals but I feel this track could’ve been a little better.

Another ballad, Ame ga Furu was used as the first ending for Linebarrels of Iron and also one of my favorite tracks from this album. This track is slow but at the chorus it gets upbeat.

We have a really upbeat song next! Get No Satisfaction! The song starts with electric guitar and has heavy drum beats like Triangler.

Ao no Ether is a nice ballad. This a very light ballad which uses only piano as an instrument.

Shitsuren Cafe is a light jazz track, the ones you would find in songs of Mika Nakashima. The track is very fun to listen to.Maaya2

SONIC BOOM was used for the opening of Tsubasa Chronicle Shunraiki. A new track from Maaya that I liked very much. The chorus and music are very addictive.

Peanuts is very cute track. The way she says the days from Monday to Friday in the chorus very cute. The cute music arrangements makes this track even more cuter! 😀

Saigo no Kajitsu the ending theme for Tsubasa Chronicle TOKYO REVELATIONS is next and it’s a ballad as well. I’ve liked this track for a long time and I still like it. This ballad is a fave from Kazeyomi.

Colors is another ballad which is entirely in English. We know how Maaya’s english is very fluent, saying that this is a wonder ballad. The music arrangements are perfect.

Kazamidori another ballad which starts with those cute piano notes like in Peanuts. The chorus is lovely, overall a nice song to listen.

Guitar Hiki ni Naritai na song ends the album. I like the songs laid back music. The music arrangements are very light and giving us a track that lightens our mood.


Rating: A-

Releasing a studio album like Kazeyomi probabaly took a long time for the Singer/Seiyuu hence releasing it after a long time. The busy Maaya has took her time and done a great job. She never dissapoints me, I swear.


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