[ALBUM] Don’t Forget – Demi Lovato


-Track Listing-

1. La La Land

2. Get Back

3. Trainwreck

4. Party

5. On The Line (Feat. Jonas Brothers)

6. Don’t Forget

7. Gonna Get Caught

8. Two Worlds Collide

9. The Middle

10. Until You’re Mine

11. Believe In Me

After acting in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, Demi Lovato released her debut album on September 23, 2008. It debuted at #2 on the U.S Billboard selling 89,000 in it’s first week.

The first opening track La La Land is well amazing! Demi has a very powerful voice and the rock music with her vocals makes this track a must listen!

demi_lovato_Get Back was the first single from this album and this is even better than the previous track. This track has more heavy rock music with even more powerful vocals.

The next track Trainwreck is a little slow than previous tracks but still filled with rock music and Demi’s powerful voice (can’t help it, she’s got great vocals).

Party according to me is hot! This track is jammed with music that will make you rock! Along with great vocals, Demi’s got amazning writing talent as well.

After all those tracks with heavy rock music we come to the next track which is a ballad featuring the Jonas Brothers. On the Line has a nice music. The chorus has a more aggressive music with Joe and Demi’s vocals. Overall not a bad track.Demi

Don’t Forget is another ballad that does not have that kind of the rock music the previous tracks had beside in the middle of the track where Demi’s vocals gets higher for the chorus.

After two ballads, we get another song packed with heavy music. Gonna Get Caught did not appeal to me that much. I liked the chorus. The music was not all that great unlike her other tracks.

Two Worlds Collide was the next ballad I liked next to Don’t Forget. The song  was written by Demi about her and her best friend as well as actress/singer Selena Gomez. The lyrics are beautiful and the music arrangement are well done.

The next track The Middle has dark lyrics and music. I liked Demi’s high pitched vocals in the chorus and of course again the heavy metal.

We get another ballad, Until You’re Mine is darker than other ballads in this album. This song is not exactly my favorite from this album. I did not find this track to be as strong as the other tracks.

The last track Believe In Me is another ballad and a good way to end the album since the album started with heavy music, ending it with a ballad was a good idea. I loved the lyrics of Believe In Me. The music arrangements are perfect with Demi’s vocals.


Rating: A-

One thing I liked about Demi Lovato was her powerful vocal chords and her sense of music. You usually don’t hear this type of music with celebrities associated with Disney. Overall Demi’s debut album is packed with amazing music and lyrics.


20 Responses to “[ALBUM] Don’t Forget – Demi Lovato”

  1. the first 5 secondes of party i definily found this song really hot and it was confirmed along the song i love it so much, and i love the middle too and get back lol and the full album haha, Demii rocks !!!

  2. demi lovato roz she rally enspires me to try new things i love her movie camp rock
    really great.

  3. i agree! and she is reallyy prettyy!

  4. anya-lee Says:

    she looks really bad tanned… lol. I like her, she’s not too bad. I reckon that her voice is the best from the disney girls.
    No offence, but she kind of is VERY disney: for example, she totally has that wannabe rocker thing (that doesn’t work) going on..
    Sorrrrrrrrrrrrry guys

  5. demi lovato is so awesome and lucky i mean she is not as pretty as selena but u no she is amazing

  6. thank you it was nice subject !!!!

  7. hrmm the cover definitely looks a LOT like Gwen Stefani’s Rock Steady album cover.

    Same designer? Or a rip off? I wonder

  8. well ms.bunnypukki you are just saying the things you said on your comment cause you are definetly jealouse of her

  9. I Think Demi Is Awesome & She Has An Amazing Voice. Rock On Demi & Make More Great Songs! :]

    Missy [Melissa]

  10. sonicfan Says:


  11. demi demi demi

    so so so much

    and i wanna go and see one of her shows but i cant beacuse of the money issues 😦 xxxxx

  12. I love Demi Lovato.She is sooo awesome!!Her rock/pop vibe is soo unusually but thats why she is so good. She is my rolemodel.She is the smartest girl ive ever known. I just wanted to say that people who hate her u should be a lil ashamed. ❤ 🙂

  13. demi and selena roxx!!!!!!

  14. DemetriaLovato00 Says:

    she is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  15. I love her cd’s. I already know how to sing all of her songs

  16. veronica Says:

    all i have to say is that you are great:p

  17. i love her song alot she rocks….

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