[SINGLE] Ashita e no Sanka – alan


-Track Listing-

1. Ashita e no Sanka

2. Sakura Modern

3. Ashita e no Sanka (Instrumental)

4. Sakura Modern (Instrumental)

Alan Dawa Dolma is a Chinese singer who is of Tibetan descent. This is alan’s first Japanese single released on November 21, 2007. This single came #69 on the oricon charts selling 2,062 copies in it’s first week.

Ashita e no Sanka is a ballad song with traditional Chinese music consisting of chimes and bells. The chorus in this track with alan’s high pitched vocals made me realize that she has a powerful voice which is something I definitely liked from this newcomer.  Her voice matches with every music arrangements.

Sakura Modern, the b-side of this single is good too. This song begins with traditional tibetan music. Another thing in this track that made me realize was along with alan’s powerful vocals, she also has amazing ranges in her vocals from deep to soft and then high.


Rating: A+

With alan’s first debut single being this good along with her ability of perfectly controlled ranges of vocals, she is definitely making a big impact in the music industry.


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