[SINGLE] Sunao no Oshiro – Kanon Wakeshima

Sunao no oshiro

-Track Listing-

1. Sunao no Oshiro

2. skip turn step♪

3. Sunao no Oshiro (Instrumental)

4. skip turn step♪ (Instrumental)

5. Sunao no Oshiro ~orgel version~

This single is the 2nd single from Kanon Wakeshima released on November 12, 2008. It was used as the ending for the anime Vampire Knight Guilty.

Sunao no Oshiro, starts out with a very beautiful cello music much like her debut single Still Doll.  We see Kanon’s voice blend in with the cello. This track is as good as her debut single.

skip turn step♪, the B-side of this single is very opposite of it’s A-side. The song has more light and cute melodies with Kanon going “skip turn step”.


Rating: A

With both of her singles used for the anime Vampire Knight and produced by Mana, this new singer and cellist has a lot of talent! I can’t wait for her debut album which is going to be released in February.

Official Website


One Response to “[SINGLE] Sunao no Oshiro – Kanon Wakeshima”

  1. i really like the Gothic voice that she have.. i guess i have to look for that albums their talking about.. and by the way her voice made me shiver as in really goose bumps.. i love you Kanon Wakeshima..

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